Everything you Need to Create a Quiz

You can Change the Content of your Quiz very Easily.

Changing the quiz content is as simple as filling a form and turning on a few switches. Enter the instructions, the questions and answers, and the message at the end of your quiz.


What message would you like to display at the beginning of your quiz?

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Message to Display

Create a quiz - Look and Feel

Customizing the Appearance of your Quiz is Simple but Offers a Lot of Options

With our interactive interface, you can quickly move the buttons or change their color, change the font or upload your own background image.

Use a Theme to Create a Stunning Quiz in a Few Seconds

Just select a photo, a palette of colors, and a layout, and your quiz is ready. You can also create your own theme.

Create a quiz - Fyrebox Themes
Create a quiz - Templates

Use a Template

To help you start, use a template. You can customise each part of the template.