Everything you need to generate leads with your quiz

Collect the contact information of the players and their answers so you can follow up with them.

Fyrebox allows you to ask for the players contact information and record their answers. You can request their name, phone, address and/or email address.

Name Email Outcome Answers
John Doe John@doe.com Successful View
Marie Dol m@dol.com Unsuccessful View
Fyrebox Quiz Maker - Data Integrate

Export the leads automatically to apps you already use.

CRMs, autoresponders or simply email, you can set your quiz to send the players' contact information and what they answered automatically every time your quiz is played. We use Zapier, the easiest integration tool on the internet.

Redirect the players to any web address and drive traffic where you need it.

Fyrebox allows you to set the last screen of your game to encourage a call to action. For instance drive traffic to your Facebook page, or to another page of your website.

Create a quiz - Create Result Page

Create a result page in minutes.

You can redirect the players to a custom page that you create for each game using our WYSIWYG editor.