Everything you need to generate leads with your quiz

Collect the email, name, address of the players and their answers

Your quiz allows you to ask the email, name, phone number and address of the players. You can also ask two additional pieces of information

Name Email Outcome Answers
John Doe John@doe.com Successful


Marie Dol m@dol.com Unsuccessful


Fyrebox Quiz Maker - Data Integrate

Export the leads automatically to applications that you already use

Your quiz can send the name and email address of the players to applications such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. For the applications that we don't support, you can use Zapier, the easiest integration tool on the internet.

You can redirect the players to any web address and generate traffic where you need it.

The last screen of your quiz can be used to encourage an action. For instance, you can drive traffic to your Facebook page, or to another page of your website.

Create a quiz - Create Result Page

Creating a result page takes two minutes.

You can redirect the players to a custom page that you created with our editor.