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Many Industries benefit from having a Quiz on their website

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Edit the content of your quiz by just filling in a form.

Customizing the content of your game is as simple as filling in a few fields. Enter the instructions, the questions and answers. Select the language of your quiz from the 8 possibilities.


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Install your quiz easily on your website.

If you use Wordpress, Shopify, Wix or Joomla, your quiz can be installed on your website in a few minutes.For all other websites, use our javascript embed code.

Collect the contact information of the players and their answers.

Fyrebox allows you to ask for the players contact information and record their answers. You can request their name, phone, address and/or email address.

John Doe[email protected]SuccessfulSee
Marie Dol[email protected]UnsuccessfulSee

Turn your quiz into a powerful survey tool.

The statistics of all answers are available in real time and are displayed in pie charts to help you interpret quickly the data.


Neil Patel: "Creating a quiz is super easy with Fyrebox"

Creating a quiz is super easy with Fyrebox.[...] The quiz maker contains a lot of other great features, which enable you to set a time limit, customize the look and feel of your quiz, and even use your own custom background image. When you want to create quizzes to build strong rapport with your blog readers, and give potential clients a taste of your expertise, you should consider using Fyrebox.

Neil Patel- Founder/Kissmetrics

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