Build an Interactive Product Recommendation Quiz in Two Minutes

Try the recommendation tool below and see for yourself

You can of course customise the content but also:

  • Change the color to match your website design
  • Upload your own images
  • Use any Google font
  • Choose to display or not the border on the buttons corner
  • Change the radius of the buttons corners
  • Collect leads
  • Send the leads automatically to third party software (Mailchimp, Hubspot....)

Mobile Optimised = Optimised for Conversion

When you install your product recommendation tool on your website, we'll detect the device and automatically show the right version of your quiz, either the desktop version (landscape) or the mobile version (portrait) ensuring the best experience for the participants.

On mobiles, It will also stretch to the full width of the screen, ensuring maximum comfort for the quiz taler.

Your Recommendation Tool as a Chat Bot on Messenger

Any product recommendation tool you create on the Fyrebox website is playable directly on Facebook Messenger. Also, all the features available on the web version of your quiz are available on Messenger:

  • Create an Image quiz (different a different image for each question)
  • Collect leads at the beginning or at the end of the quiz
  • Integrate with third party software (ESPs and CRMs) such as Mailchimp
  • Redirect the players to your website or facebook page

How to Build your Own Product Recommendation Tool in 2 min.

  • Create a free account on the Fyrebox website by clicking here
  • Upon landing on your dashboard, look for the section "Use a Template"
  • Upon seeing the quiz, click on the button "Use this template"
  • Customise the content and look and feel
  • Install the quiz on your Website or on Messenger


Neil Patel: "Creating a quiz is super easy with Fyrebox"

Creating a quiz is super easy with Fyrebox.[...] The quiz maker contains a lot of other great features, which enable you to set a time limit, customize the look and feel of your quiz, and even use your own custom background image. When you want to create quizzes to build strong rapport with your blog readers, and give potential clients a taste of your expertise, you should consider using Fyrebox.

Neil Patel- Founder/Kissmetrics

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